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My bath bombs are very concentrated with color! I custom blend ALL of my embeds and bath bomb colors. This allows me to create unique bath bombs you will not find elsewhere. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤🤍 All of my bath bombs are tub tested with me in the tub to ensure no skin or tub staining. Always rinse your tub after use, even though my bath bombs are tub tested if you let any product with dye sit in your bathtub over time it may stain.

The rule of thumb is when the bath bombs are activating, don’t handle them because direct contact can lead to colorful fingers (the colors will wash away eventually, however, so if temporary colorful fingers are your thing, don't let me stop you! ). 

If your bath bomb has a surface crack, don't you worry! This is not a bad thing! The cracks are due to the dense foam recipe and my color embed placement! If your bomb has a surface crack that means it’s super foamy. Just remember, no two bath bombs are alike because I custom blend and hand make everything with love!🔥

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  • Bite My Melon Bath Bomb
    Bite My Melon Bath Bomb - Kinetic Body Mind
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