Kinetics Massage & Artisan Bath Luxuries

Give yourself permission to let your mind and body recharge with my self-care products and massage therapy services!

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Take a little time to destress and unwind with a holistic approach to your health.

Whether it’s for sport injuries, workout maintenance, stress from work, I offer the following massage services in Austin: 

My Austin-based massage styles cover therapeutic, sports, health maintenance and active as well as passive stretching, dependent upon the needs of my clients. I use Eastern and Western techniques, in tandem tito create a harmonious treatment to soothe and aid recovery! 

Don't have time for a massage? Choose from my fantastic range of handmade bath and shower luxuries! You can use them anytime in the privacy of your own home and you can easily travel with most of my products. Win win!

My collection includes the following:

Custom Bath Bombs: Make your bath time a relaxing, but also colorful and fun experience with my avocado oil enriched bath bombs, in an uplifting and quirky variety of scents, colors, and shapes. 

Shampoo Bars: Ditch the plastic containers, and switch to my beautifully handcrafted solid shampoo bar that offers eco-friendly, sustainable, and pH-balanced cleanliness. Look after your hair and shine like the star you are. 

Solid Scrubs: What if you could wash, scrub, and moisturize all in one go? Think it isn’t possible? It is when you treat yourself to one of the Conditioning and Scrub bars from my range. The only tough decision needed is which inspiring fragrance to choose! 

Shower Steamers: Start your day the right way with one of my all-natural Shower Steamers, guaranteed to put a spring in your step and fizz in your soul. 

Soaps: Artisan soap, lovingly crafted in small batches, in a beautiful array of calming, uplifting, or fruity fragrances. Feel clean, moisturized, and confident with lots of natural ingredients. 

Best of all, all of my shower and bathing products can be shipped both locally and nationally!